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This course is designed to provide an overview of the issues and options relating to these subjects.
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Learn to manage and end your Depression and Anxiety with these fundamental strategies. Find relief and happiness!
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This course will introduce you to the therapeutic practice of restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is a passive style of yoga whereby your body is guided into lying down poses that are supported by blocks, bolsters, and blankets for comfort.
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Prevent addiction, substance abuse, and chemical dependency. Do you want to ensure your kids...
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Start your journey of healing and find your inner peace. No more stress, no more PTSD, no more anger.
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This class is designed to assist one in the pursuit of a personally purposeful existence
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This course is geared to help you not spend another day filled with distress.
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This course teaches one how to collapse the images and feelings, as well as the turmoil of shock and trauma.
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***With more than an hour of video lectures and extra resources, this is the most complete...
2 Views Advanced 57 Lessons 12:18:09
This 12-hr advanced Dual Diagnosis Training (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Interventions) covers all of the current evidence-based, best practice in the alcohol & other drugs & mental health from an integrated, holistic framework & qualifies for CP
33 Views Beginner 36 Lessons 1:04:47
Here are some of my favorite quotes followed by my understandings of them
2 Views Beginner 2 Lessons 1:21:52
This video explains how yoga can be used to treat depression and anxiety.
3 Views Beginner 6 Lessons 1:03:58
This class will give you many new tools to keep you at the highest end of your happiness spectrum!
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Find the perfect meditation for you in just 10 days!
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The Key to Happiness is Self Care. Discover Self Care as a tool for creating positive change in your mental health, behaviours, and well-being.
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In this course, we are going to cover the 2 most comorbid conditions that accompany migraines, and that’s anxiety and depression. We'll cover all the basics, but in this course, I want to give you tools you can use right now when you need them most.
2 Views Beginner 9 Lessons 33:38
You'll learn techniques to quickly prevent or stop an anxiety or panic attack.
All-Levels 105 Lessons 7:11:03
This is a well-proven program - a life-changing course on how to get out of stress. You become aware of your own habits and will also be able to change them for the better.
8 Views Advanced 12 Lessons 1:36:10
Learn how to use Anger to develop Self-Knowing and transform the mind
All-Levels 30 Lessons 2:30:23
True Stories of Spiritual Awakenings, Miraculous Healings, and Encounters with the Dark Side