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Dr. Akhilesh Shakya - Reviews

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    Physical Therapist

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    Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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Quick Facts

Speaks English and Hindi
2 Specialities
2 Degrees
1 Location

About Dr. Akhilesh Shakya

Dr. Akhilesh Shakya, is a doctor primarily located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The doctor specializes as a Physical Therapist and Physiotherapist. The doctor speaks English and Hindi.


Dr. Akhilesh Shakya has the following degrees:
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), 2006
    Allahabad Agricultur Institute
  • Master of Physiotherapy (MPT), 2009
    Dolphin Institute of BIO Medical and Natural Science


Dr. Akhilesh Shakya has the following 2 specializations:
  • Physical therapists are the health care professionals who diagnose as well as treat patients of all ages who have problems or some other health-related difficulties that may limit their ability to perform activities in their daily life. They offer cost-effective treatment that focuses on improvement of mobility and relieving pain, reducing the need for surgery and prescription drugs, and informs patients to participate in a recovery plan which is designed for their needs. In addition to this, physical therapists work with patients to prevent the loss of mobility by developing the fitness and wellness programs for a more healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Physiotherapists are a degree-based healthcare professional who helps people with physical difficulties resulting from injury, disability through movement, and illness. They treat many types of conditions such as neurological (stroke, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis), neuromusculoskeletal (back pain, sports injuries, arthritis), cardiovascular (chronic heart disease), and respiratory (asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) by providing manual therapy (such as massage), electrotherapy, and therapeutic exercise. They work alone or in a team alongside health and social care professionals such as occupational therapists, district nurses, health visitors, and social workers.


Dr. Akhilesh Shakya works at the following location:
  • Dr Akhilesh Shakya Clinic

    #15, Dayal Bagh Road
    Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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Dr. Akhilesh Shakya offers advice on the following conditions and procedures:


Dr. Akhilesh Shakya - Reviews

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