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Dr. Jodhani Nirupa - Reviews

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The average rating given to Dr. Jodhani Nirupa by the patients is excellent. In all, 2 patients have rated Dr. Jodhani Nirupa. Out of these 2 ratings, 1 patient recommends the doctor's services and 1 patient does not recommend the doctor's services.The average rating for Dr. Jodhani Nirupa is 2.50 out of 5.

Dr. Jodhani Nirupa - Reviews

Review by Anonymous •  July 27, 2018
Experience was not good
Nirupa Jodhani is responsible for my child's autism and ADHD. She insisted on my child's premature delivery even though there were zero complications and ensured that everything was going to be alright. But seven years has passed away and my son still cannot speak except a few words. Recently, a case also has been filed against her accusing her responsible for the death of Nazima Sultana, another of her patient due to wrong surgical procedure. I wonder how many premature delivery cases she has done till date just for money. That and her attitude is so ghamandi. She doesn't even speak properly with her patients. She is a dangerous doctor and a blemish to this noble profession.
Review by Anonymous •  November 2, 2019
Experience was good

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