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Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal - Reviews

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    Gynaecologic Oncologist

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    New Delhi, NCT of Delhi

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Quick Facts

Speaks English, Hindi and Punjabi
4 Specialities
3 Degrees
3 Locations

About Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal

Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal, is a doctor primarily located in New Delhi, NCT of Delhi, with another office in [u'Gurgaon and HR', 1]. The doctor specializes as a Gynaecologic Oncologist, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician and Surgeon. The doctor speaks English, Hindi and Punjabi.


The average rating given to Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal by the patients is excellent. In all, 1 patient has rated Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal. The 1 reviewer recommends the doctor's services. 1 patient says that he/she will recommend the doctor's services to family and friends. 1 patient says that, when required, he/she will visit the doctor again.The average rating for Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal is 5 out of 5.


Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal has the following degrees:
  • MICOG, 2012
  • Master of Surgery (MS), 2008
    Maulana Azad Medical College
    Specialization: Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), 2003
    Maulana Azad Medical College


Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal has the following 4 specializations:
  • A Gynecologic oncologist is an obstetrician who has specialization in the treatment and diagnosis of women with cancer of the reproductive organs. A gynecologic oncologist is prepared to provide consultation and overall management of patients with gynecologic cancer. A gynecologic oncologist is also trained in administering chemotherapy. Specifically, the gynecologic oncologist treats cancer of the endometrium, ovary, uterus, cervix, vulva, vagina and trophoblastic disease. The surgical skills they craft on are urologic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, and radical pelvic surgery. A gynecologic oncologist provides services such as pain management, management of complications from treatment or other complications of cancer.
  • Gynecologists are trained to diagnose and cure illness related to the female reproductive system. Gynecologists specialize in women's reproductive health including female body organs: vagina, uterus, ovaries and the breasts. It is advised for teenage women to visit a gynecologist yearly for a checkup. Gynecologists deals with a broad range of problems, including menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, obstetrics, and fertility issues, hormone disorders, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and others.
  • An obstetrician is a medical professional who practices in the management of birth, pregnancy, and labor. They also receive specialized training in surgical care and female reproductive system. Obstetrics deals with the care of the unborn baby, pregnant women, the labor or delivery and the immediate period following childbirth. The obstetrics focuses on pregnant women who have permanent health problems or unusual issues that arise during pregnancy. They perform regular ultrasounds usually in the first trimester, at 12th and 20th week of pregnancy to determine the duration of pregnancy (gestational period), the health of the fetus, recognize any complications.
  • A surgeon is a physician who does surgical operations. There are also surgeons in disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity (podiatry), dentistry and the veterinary fields. Surgeons act directly to correct deformities, illnesses, and injuries. Surgeons perform duties like recording patients medical histories and diagnosing injuries, illnesses, and other conditions. General surgeons operate on any part of the body. Various surgeons specialize, though, either on diseases like cancer or on one part of the body.


Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal has 3 locations:
  • Fortis Vasant Kunj

    Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Vasant Kunj
    New Delhi, NCT of Delhi 110070
  • Fortis Aashlok Hospital

    25a, Block AB, Safdarjung Enclave
    New Delhi, NCT of Delhi 110029
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute

    Sector 44, Sector 4
    Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

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Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal offers the following test-imaging:


Users have reported the following experiences for Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal:
  • Experience with the doctor was good.
  • Will recommend the doctor to others for their treatment.
  • Will revisit the doctor for their treatment.
  • Medical condition was resolved by the doctor.
  • The doctor takes out time to understand patient concerns.
  • Wait times to see the doctor are short.
  • The doctor's services are not expensive.
  • Staff at the doctor's facility is good.
  • The doctor's facility is clean.


Users have reported the following in terms of accessing the services offered by Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal:
  • The doctor's facility is easily accessible.
  • The doctor's facility has ample parking.

Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal - Reviews

Review by Amin •  4 July 2018
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