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Also called: Belch, Burp, Eructation, Flatulence, Flatus
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Questions - Gas

Gas-X is a brand name drug from GlaskoSmithKline. It is used to provide relief of pressure, bloating, and fullness commonly referred to as gas. The active ingredient responsible for how the drug works is simethicone. Simethicone is an anti-foaming agent that is marketed to reduce the buildup of intestinal gases that cause bloating and discomforting i.e. farting. It does this by reducing the surface tension of gas bubbles causing them to break apart and pass more smoothly through your body.

In theory, the action on surface tension should actually prevent or stop farting, not cause it. However, there are only a few randomized controlled trials with simethicone that show inconsistent results for gas relief. Other methods to manage gas include dietary changes, enzyme preparations to facilitate digestion, adsorbents, treatments to change gut flora, and drugs that modify gut transit.

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