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Symptoms of Mumps pancreatitis

The following features are indicative of Mumps pancreatitis:
  • swelling of parotid gland
  • elevation of lipase
  • elevation of elastase-1
  • elevation of amylase
  • swelling of the pancreatic head

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Common Causes of Mumps pancreatitis

The following are the most common causes of Mumps pancreatitis:
  • mumps

Risk Factors for Mumps pancreatitis

The following factors may increase the likelihood of Mumps pancreatitis:
  • smoking
  • alcohol consumption

Prevention of Mumps pancreatitis

Yes, it may be possible to prevent Mumps pancreatitis. Prevention may be possible by doing the following:
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine

Occurrence of Mumps pancreatitis

Common Gender

Mumps pancreatitis can occur in any gender.

Lab Tests and Procedures for Diagnosis of Mumps pancreatitis

The following lab tests and procedures are used to detect Mumps pancreatitis:
  • CT Scan(Computed Tomography): To diagnose the disease
  • MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging): To diagnose the disease
  • Abdominal ultrasound: To diagnose the disease

Complications of Mumps pancreatitis if untreated

Yes, Mumps pancreatitis causes complications if it is not treated. Below is the list of complications and problems that may arise if Mumps pancreatitis is left untreated:
  • shock
  • systemic inflammatory response syndrome
  • low blood calcium
  • high blood glucose
  • dehydration
  • blood loss
  • kidney failure

Is Mumps pancreatitis Infectious?

Yes, Mumps pancreatitis is known to be infectious. It can spread across people via the following means:
  • through direct contact with infected person
  • contact with infected saliva
  • by nasal discharge
  • through feces
  • by coughing
  • through kissing infected person
  • by sharing personal things

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