You can easily Manage Your Medical Store for FREE

    If you have TabletWise Zen on your side.

    Zen, the pharmacy management software from TabletWise, is the perfect solution for the Smart Pharmacy Store Owner who wants stay on top of his business and gain new customers.
    Existing pharmacy softwares confuse you with useless features, are too slow to run, and are really expensive.
    TabletWise Zen is the perfect software for Chemists and Medical Store Owners. It makes it really easy for you to manage the most critical parts of your business, retain and gain new customers. Best of all… it’s FREE.
    TabletWise Zen has the following features:
    • Billing:

      Quickly create, print or email invoices for retail counter customers.
    • Customers Search:

      Easily search from existing customers for even faster bill creation.
    • Business Profile:

      Get a free business listing on and get exposed to millions of website visitors.
    • Website Hosting:

      Get free website for your medical store/pharmacy on your domain name such as
    • 24/7 email support:

      Have a question or want to share feedback? Our experts are always ready to help!

    Easy Medical Store Management at Your Fingertips

    For the smart shop-keeper who wants to spend less time on paperwork and focus on increasing his business, TabletWise Zen is perfect for you.


    No need to write invoices on paper. We will generate a professional invoice for you. You can print the invoice or even email it to your customers.


    We will list your business in the store directory under so that you can reach millions of patients that are looking to buy medicines locally every day.


    We will help you build your website and host it for free. You can even run it on your own domain name such as

    Get it ALL for FREE

    Don't waste your time and money on complicated softwares that cannot get the job done and cost a lot of money. Why pay when you can do the same work faster and for free?
    What’s Included Estimated Value
    Billing Management $500+
    Customer Search $100+
    Business Profile $100+
    Website Hosting $100+
    Total Monthly Value Over $800
    Monthly Subscription Rate $0.00

    Not convinced? Here is direct feedback from 3 users ….

    TabletWise ZEN is perfect for my business.It helped me save time and money. Best of all…. Its FREE.
    - Prakash Medicos, New Delhi, India
    Using TabletWise ZEN is quick and easy. With medicine information integrated, TabletWise is educating my customers with insightful information every single day.
    - Gurdeep Singh, Singh Pharmacy, Singapore
    TabletWise ZEN helps me better manage my store, that's super valuable to me.
    - Dr. Charles Simuzoshya, Abuja, Nigeria
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