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With access to over 5000+ newsletters topics, you'll know about all the important developments that interest you. Every morning the TabletWise Intelligence team will deliver you a daily newsletter covering everything you need to know related to advances in Health.
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Sample Content

Consider a small sample of top news articles you’ll receive in each subject area and you can see why this is such an outstanding deal:


  • Invokana: Diabetes Drug Gets Black Box Warning for Amputation Risks
  • FDA warns of foot, leg amputations with J&J diabetes drug
  • New Type 1 Diabetes Treatment and Prevention Options on the Horizon
  • How to Safely Use Glucose Meters and Test Strips for Diabetes
  • The Diabetes Myth
  • Pregnant Women Exposed To Cold Temperatures May Have Lower Risk of Gestational Diabetes
  • Influence of environmental temperature on risk of gestational diabetes
  • Pharmacotherapy for diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain and quality of life: A systematic review
  • Researchers find direct link between outdoor temperature and risk of gestational diabetes
  • Brain Development in Fetuses of Mothers with Diabetes: A Case-Control MR Imaging Study
  • Comparative effectiveness of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors versus angiotensin II receptor blockers for major renal outcomes in patients with diabetes: A 15-year cohort study
  • Hepatic indices predict NAFLD in patients with type 1 diabetes


  • Severe mental illness increases risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Hundreds of thousands of strokes may be preventable each year
  • Biogen hands out $120m upfront for Remedy stroke drug
  • PFO Closure for Cryptogenic Stroke Prevents Recurrences
  • Despite new options, many at risk for stroke don’t get anti-clotting drugs
  • Study: Clot Removal Therapy Effective within 6 to 24 Hours after a Stroke
  • iMedicalApps: AI App Helps Stroke Patients
  • Biogen acquires Remedy Pharmaceuticals' stroke drug
  • Researchers: Mexican-Americans received less intensive care after stroke

Breast Cancer

  • Early-stage Breast Cancer Patients Often Undergo Costly, Unnecessary Post-treatment Testing
  • Keytruda Shows Meaningful Clinical Benefit When Combined with Standard Therapy for Aggressive Breast Cancer
  • Neratinib Receives FDA Panel Support for Approval in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
  • PMD-026 Reduces Triple Negative Breast Cancer Growth, Mice Study Shows
  • Open-access BRCA testing for inherited breast cancer enables identification of missed carriers
  • Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer: What Are We Missing?
  • Emerging Data and Current Challenges for Young, Old, Obese, or Male Patients with Breast Cancer

Heart Attack

  • Respiratory infections raise heart attack risk by 17 times
  • Common painkillers increase risk for heart attacks
  • Impact of Plaque Rupture Detected by Optical Coherence Tomography on Transmural Extent of Infarction After Successful Stenting in ST-Segment Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Meta-analysis indicates NSAIDs linked with increased risk for heart attack


  • Newly discovered molecule may prevent or delay osteoarthritis development
  • Exploring the Link Between Metabolic Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Study: Fibromyalgia may mask axial spondyloarthritis
  • A healthy diet can slow down osteoarthritis
  • Research identifies 'cell messages' that could help detect early stages of osteoarthritis
  • Study finds hip and knee osteoarthritis to be major cause of immobility among older adults


  • Depression may be early sign of dementia
  • Delayed use of anticoagulants in AF increases risk for dementia
  • Love to Move: Chair-based gymnastics scheme boost for those with dementia
  • Volunteer work during retirement can cut dementia risk: study
  • Researchers discover potential predictor for early dementia
  • Study and new tool proves 'all is not lost' to dementia
  • PTSD, psychotropic medication increase dementia risk
  • Dementia-related brain changes observed before memory or thinking problems are noticeable
  • Trends in dementia prevalence, incidence, and survival rate in a Japanese community
  • Quality improvement in neurology: Dementia management quality measurement set update
  • Volunteering once a week can decrease dementia risk in seniors: Study

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