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    Clinic Website

    Help your Patients. Grow your Clinic

    TabletWise Connect is a website building solution specially designed for clinics. Using Connect, you can get your clinic website up and running in less than 10 minutes. You can focus on growing your business, leave everything else to Connect.

    TabletWise Connect offers the following features:

    • Business Website

      Your business website on your domain name including a business email address
    • Appointment Scheduling

      Real-time, online scheduling to get new patients and keep existing ones
    • Ads

      Display ads for your clinic to millions of users on
    • SEO

      Advanced SEO optimized content resulting in more customers
    • Templates

      Business templates customized for pharmacies
    • Easy to Use

      Easy to use website editor that works from PC and Mobile
    • Responsive Design

      Business website that works on PC, mobile and tablets
    • Hosting

      Website hosting included
    • Support

      24/7 email support and help documentation