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Will amoxiclav treat a UTI?

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Amoxyclav Tablet

Amoxyclav Tablet is used to treat certain infections such as urinary tract infections which include inflammation of the kidney (pyelonephritis), and infection of the wall of the urinary bladder (cystitis), skin and skin structure infections such as serious bacterial skin infection (cellulitis), lower respiratory tract infections which include inflammation of the airways (bronchitis) or infection in the lungs (pneumonia). This medicine is also used to treat acute bacterial inflammation within the nasal passage (acute bacterial sinusitis), acute middle ear infection, gum swelling, and infection from animal bites. It is a prescription medicine. This medicine works by killing the growth of bacteria that cause infection.

When not to use
Amoxyclav Tablet will not work against colds, flu, or other viral infections.

Penicillin-class Antibacterial
Amoxyclav belongs to a class of medicines called Penicillin-class Antibacterial. Penicillin are a group of antibiotics that are used to treat and prevent different type of bacterial infections.

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Bacterial Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Bronchial Disorders

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