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Aviva Cohen

DOMP | Osteopathic Practitioner
Ottawa, ON, CANADA

About Aviva Cohen

My journey is to help people. I have always sensed a responsibility to my community and the world. I feel that my thoughts and actions have an impact. And I take that very seriously.

Who I am in my community 
will always hold the key for me.

What is going on with you spiritually and emotionally is expressed physically. To truly transcend, evolve and transform, the work must begin to channel through the body.
"What My Body Knows", a book of poems by Jean Janzen, gave me several clear messages that I learned. A new quest had begun...


With over ten years international education from world renowned osteopaths, J.P Barral, John Upledger, Bruno Chikly and Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, named Times Magazine as “Healing Innovators to watch in the New Millennium”, I have: - Reversed asthma in a life-time sufferer. - Helped a paralyzed dog walk again. - Facilitated 2 natural Hernia repairs. - Helped turn around a breached baby. - And much more. “She's the real deal." - Kathleen Frangione, Dental Hygienist


B.A. Western Society and Culture - Concordia University, Montreal, Canada DOMP - Diploma Osteopathic Manual Practitioner National Academy of Osteopathy - Toronto Canada Barral Institute - Practitioner, TA Upledger Institute - Practitioner, TA Chikly Institute Practitioner Fletcher Pilates Instructor

Classes Instructed by Aviva Cohen

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