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Yana Shvets

Professional watercolor artist and teacher, full-time traveler and salsa dancer

About Yana Shvets

Hello from a full-time traveller and a professional watercolor artist!

I've been on a road since 2015 and keep constantly moving around the world while painting my adventures in watercolor.

My art is mostly realistic and inspired by people I meet and experiences I live through. My original art is available for sale as well as prints of those paintings. 

You can see my original art in my gallery:

and check out prints here:

I am also a co-founder of a watercolor blog with free tutorials:

As I travel the world I often host life watercolor workshops and intense courses. I have been organizing weekly watercolor classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for about a year and also offered workshops in other cities I traveled to.
My classes are created for people who are just starting their watercolor journey and those who are familiar with the basics. Due to my experience with teaching art to people of different nationalities and age, I've developed a special approach of teaching and delivering information. It's shown amazing success! 

Now my classes are available online and you can learn foundations of watercolor in a comfort of your home.

Follow my journey around the world and my art for inspiration on my Instagram:


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