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Kerry Campbell

Life Transformation, Well-being, Healing from Addictions, Personal Empowerment
Encinitas, CA

About Kerry Campbell

Hi, I'm Kerry. I'm a life coach, artist, writer, and teacher. One of my biggest passions in life is around personal growth and development. And, particularly sharing my journey to how I learned to get a sober life good life through radical self-discovery and investing in learning new and empowering ways to live my life. I have witnessed and lived the profound impact we can make on our lives when we commit to personal transformation. I am dedicated to inspiring and helping you to make profound and lasting changes in your life too.

I created the Life Transformation Program to help you learn new life skills to become empowered to change your life in positive ways. No matter where you are starting, by joining this program you'll be going somewhere greater. I have two children, Anna and Noah, and live in Encinitas, CA.

Most of all, I'm a person who has walked the journey and can show you the way to getting on a better life path. I hope you will join me, Kerry


Life coach, artist, teacher


MA in English, Teaching

Classes Instructed by Kerry Campbell

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