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Tony Fahkry

Self-empowerment Author, Expert Speaker and Coach

About Tony Fahkry

I believe everyone has great potential within them and it is a matter of awakening it to reach their most efficient level. By focusing on what is meaningful to you, I bring value to your life by helping you think clearly and make decisions in alignment with who you are.

I delight in helping you discover your genius, talents and gifts and awakening your highest potential. I do this through writing books, articles, online courses, individual coaching and speaking engagements. It is no accident that several leading authors have given their names to endorsing my books including: Dr.Eldon Taylor, Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret and Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones. I have been on a lifelong quest to empower others with the wisdom I gained over the past decade.

Classes Instructed by Tony Fahkry

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