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Stavros Mastrogiannis

Sustainable Weight Loss Specialist
Danbury, CT, USA

About Stavros Mastrogiannis

Stavros Mastrogiannis is a sustainable weight loss coach.  He is the owner of Live Your Way Thin LLC,  a personal training facility in Danbury, CT and the creator of the Live Your Way Thin System.  A unique system created specifically for sustainable weight loss.  He is also an author of four books on the subject of weight loss.  He has been working in the weight loss field for over 25 years.  He lived in Greece before moving to the United States in 1987, where he was immersed in a culture that embraced a healthy lifestyle. After moving to the U.S., he continued to visit Greece every year. Over time, he observed changes in eating habits, exercise and daily living, resulting in a weight problem similar to that in the U.S. 

Early in his fitness career it became very obvious to him that with most diets and weight loss programs people regained the weight back, so he dedicated his fitness career to finding the answer to sustainable weight loss.  That dedication has paid off because today he has become the authority in sustainable weight loss and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more about the subject than he does. 


Owner of Live Your Way Thin LLC, Creator of the Live Your Way Thin System


Stavros has been working in the weight loss field for over 25. Unlike most other weight loss experts, his opinion on weight loss and health was not shaped by simply studying in a classroom. He was raised in a very healthy region in Greece, where people lived long healthy lives, cancer was a rare disease and thin was the norm. His upbringing gave him a unique perspective that very few weight loss experts have. Stavros held numerous certifications on fitness and nutrition including 2 ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications. Because of his upbringing, he noticed that many things he had learned in school on proper nutrition and health, were contradicting how he was raised in Greece and that caused him to take a different path to weight loss and health. There are many weight loss experts out there, but when it comes to sustainable weight loss, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about the subject and how to achieve it than Stavros does.

Classes Instructed by Stavros Mastrogiannis

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