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Josiah Pernell

Day Trader

About Josiah Pernell

My name is Josiah Pernell! I have been Mastering and Improving my trading Skills for over 5 years. the one thing that I have noticed from Being a new Trader myself, was the fear and expectation of what it is to be a new trader. when I first saw a chart or a level 2, and even a time and sales, my mind went crazy to this new way of trading. when I picture trading stocks, I always think of wall street. I saw trading as a man in a suit, who has PHD in business, who has been trading for 30+ years, wakes up every morning at 4am ready to go and etc.. it was only a matter of day until I realized that is not at all what trading is. and when I figured this out, my confidence went through the roof. when I realized I can be someone who is Profitable in the Markets and make Thousands of Dollars in Minutes, I dedicated the following years to improving,Backtesting strategies, day in and day out. I have helped my students become profitable in the markets with the labor I have done to get here, and I want others to be able to experience the freedom that is given with trading. but help them understand that they can become Profitable, just as I have.


Full time Trader


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