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Nancy Campbell

Cancer Recovery
Newcastle NSW Australia

About Nancy Campbell

In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At the time I was married with young children.  I had 2 operations and was strongly advised to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy and take anti cancer drugs.

After deep deliberation I decided to go no further down the medical road.

I was able to use my mindfulness that I had been practicing for the previous 20 years.  During this time I also explored nutrition for cancer recovery, empowerment for recovery and theraputic tools for regaining confidence and realigning and discovering my purpose.

In 2009 my Dr gave me the all clear!

I have since expanded my practices to include yoga, meditiation, connecting to inner strength and more.  Fear certainly held some challenges - I was able to progress towards understand fear and worked out finding solutions to this and many other issues faced by women who have experienced breast cancer.

All my work and all I learned has changed my life into a positive, empowering and purposful experience in which joy and vitality are present.  These things were hard won and I love sharing my work, therapies and discoveries so that others who are ready and yearning to work towards letting go of the old self-image of cancer patient can learn how to create a fullfilling life of peace, joy and vitality.

Sharing what I have learned and discovered has helped many women in many different situations. 



Mindfulness Teacher, Course creator, Retreat organiser

Classes Instructed by Nancy Campbell

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