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Reece Pye

Writer, Speaker & Facilitator on The Neuroscience of Mind Management & Creative Thinking / Author of Strong Minds
Southampton, Hampshire, UK

About Reece Pye

Originally from humble beginnings, Reece has worked in, consulted, coached or led a wide range of businesses: from cutting edge high tech start ups that created industry firsts, mid size traditional businesses that went on to be sold to market leaders and as a senior advertising executive with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 global information communication companies, where he led teams to grow revenues from zero to nearly £20m pa and were singled out for recognition with ‘Outstanding Contribution to Business’ awards! Throughout his career, he personally invested in the study of personal and professional leadership psychology to influence his own success but also, to learn how to effectively and ethically influence others, whether they be clients, people working above, alongside or under his leadership. What he teaches is what he's used - practical, workable principles for the real world today, things you can put into practice to make a positive difference in your career and life.

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