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Adam Zainudin

Product Manager, Game Developer & Content Creator
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About Adam Zainudin

Adam has extensive experience as a game designer and producer in the games industry and has worked on PC, mobile and tablet games. He also has experience in product management for web and mobile app in other industries. Within each job role, he has exposure to various project management methodologies such as waterfall & agile scrum using a variety of tools such as JIRA, Slack, Confluence and Trello to name a few. 

Today, he is mostly focused on building up his company: Pixel Mystique. Pixel Mystique aims to provide game dev tips, tutorials and inspirational videos to help others learn game dev. Some videos would be covering business and marketing topics to better equip indie game devs who wants to turn their passion into a sustainable business. There are also more in-depth online courses in the pipeline. 


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