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Kerry Villnuve

Learn to Dance #LikeACajun
Louisiana, United States

About Kerry Villnuve

Growing up in a Cajun family, Kerry always cherished the stories and family traditions passed down from the older generations. She took a strong sense of pride in her heritage, and keeping the culture alive has always been important to her. Kerry began Cajun Dancing before she can remember. Originally taught by her grandparents and other family members from both sides of her family, her parents brought her and her brothers to a children’s performing dance group while still in elementary school. The group, Les Joie De Vie, was led by Sam Moran, and was part of the Cajun French Music Association Baton Rouge Chapter. Kerry and her family performed with this group all over Louisiana for several years. By the time she was in Junior High, Kerry and her two brothers were teaching classes at several schools in the area. When Kerry hears Cajun music, she can’t help but start dancing!

Classes Instructed by Kerry Villnuve


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