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Jono Farrington

E-Commerce SEO & Digital Marketing

About Jono Farrington

Who Am I:

I live in Australia with my young family in the Adelaide Hills.

I'm the co-founder of Silicon Dales, a technical ecommerce agency with offices in the UK and Australia.

Our agency works with both large and small ecommerce clients improving their digital strategies, building and growing their e-commerce brands, and sustaining that growth.

Our strategies and methods are getting great results for our clients, and I like to share some of these nuggets in my courses.

Why Listen To Me?

Over the last 10 years myself and my team have developed and honed powerful strategies to rank websites and ecommerce stores that now generate millions of dollars monthly combined.

We've battle tested strategies and developed systems that work. The digital space is always rapidly evolving, and we are nimble enough to move with those changes and implement them quickly.

Shopify, WooCommerce, Wordpress, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy:

These are just some of the platforms we work with and have expertise in. Each requires different approaches to marketing, some subtle, some not so.

E-Commerce is here to stay and it's growing rapidly. I want to help as many people and businesses as possibly to build successful and health online businesses.

My Teaching Style:

My courses are not flashy. They are not meant to be.  What I want to deliver is rich content of substance in a clear way, that students can take action on.  You want actionable steps as a student to improve and learn.

I generally deliver content with a combination of on-screen video and text documents, broken into modules in a systematic and logical way. A step by step system works best.

I hope we can bring some value to you and your business or knowledge set.


Silicon Dales Australia

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