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Zane Grey

Intelligence & Security Specialist
Washington DC

About Zane Grey

I started my working life in the UK intelligence community specialising in intelligence and security (we train in both specialities).  I worked around the world and I taught many government entities, national and international.  My specialities were HUMINT and Counter-Terrorism.  More recently I have been working in the commercial and development areas, still around the world but based in the US.  My specialities now include safety, security, intelligence, analysis, crisis manaagement and business continuity and I have taught many lessons on most related subjects ranging from: Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment (IPOE), Behaviour Systems Analysis, Security Management, HUMINT (many related subjects) etc...  


Specialist Consultant: intelligence & security


Bachelors, Intelligence & Security (UK)

Classes Instructed by Zane Grey

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