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Jason Bond

Mindfulness and Zen Meditation Teacher
Portland, ME, USA

About Jason Bond

Originally hailing from Kennebunkport, Maine, Jason started practicing meditation as a way to remain sane amongst the stress and pressure of teaching in a public secondary school. His professional and personal lives improved drastically, leading to a desire to share meditation with others.

Jason has been practicing Buddhism since 2014, spending time in retreat in the UK, Europe and Asia. He is a student of Daizan Skinner Roshi, a Zen Master in the Rinzai Zen tradition.


Tall Mountain Mindfulness and Meditation, The University of Dundee (Scotland), Islay High School (Scotland)


Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training (2016), Diploma in German Studies (2016-2018), Bachelors of Education (2010-2012), Bachelors of Celtic Studies with First Class Honors (2006-2010)

Classes Instructed by Jason Bond

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