Charisse Lewis, Systems & Leadership Consultant

Just A Girl Who Loves Process Tools!
Cerritos, CA

About Charisse Lewis, Systems & Leadership Consultant

Charisse Lewis is an accomplished ImprovementAdvisor/Systems and Leadership Consultant, Facilitator
and Team Building/Team Development trainer who spent 13 years improving efficiency and workflows in
the healthcare using LEAN six sigma tools and building relationships developing industry hundreds of teams
over the years, and 10 years in the workforce development industry working with the “Hard to Serve”
workforce population, teaching career guidance. Working her way up the corporate ladder with no
degree, in 2008 she became a certified Improvement Advisor, earning her six-sigma black belt and eventually
graduating from the University of Canterbury with an MBA in Applied Management in 2011, a long way from
humble beginnings of a 19-year-old mother. Charisse loves to role model that “can do” spirit and don’t give up
on what you want in life. 

Oh And Did I Mention Charisse LOVES PROCESS TOOLS! 


MJC Consulting


MBA Applied Management

Classes Instructed by Charisse Lewis, Systems & Leadership Consultant

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