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Bharath Raj

Video Creator
Karnataka, India

About Bharath Raj

I was working as a Financial Analyst in a bank for 5 years and left the job to follow my passion and dreams. I wanted to start making films, but had no knowledge. All I had was passion. Started learning things on my own, most of the times (Trial and error method) and with help of some amazing teachers as well.

I always believe that a film maker must know everything involved in a film, like editing, cinematography, music. Hence, I started learning Video editing, Cinematography (Which lead to photography). Did few advertisements, wedding videos, Short films. Wanted to learn few more things so I can earn some money, learnt Web Designing.

Do not be afraid to start something new. Keep learning and some day you will be proud of your achievements.

I hope that my classes here will help you start something new.


Team Lead in a MNC and Video Editor


MBA in Finance, Christ University

Classes Instructed by Bharath Raj


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