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Sam Chin

Process Scientist
Seattle, WA

About Sam Chin

Sam is a process scientist, published author and recognized expert in the process improvement space. 

Sam co-founded Cavi Consulting, a process science consultancy that specializes in helping businesses automate, scale and grow sustainably. Sam is certified in Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management and Project Management, and holds an MBA from the University of Richmond.

The process mapping language developed by Sam (Cavi Mapping Language) has been adopted as the global standard for multiple large enterprises. His work, particularly as expressed in his recent book, "Becoming A Conscious Business: Expand Your Life and Work Through the Science of Energy Flow" has also drawn greater attention to the relationship between nature conservation and business process improvement, two elements that are deeply integrated within the Cavi model.


Cavi Consulting


University of Richmond

Classes Instructed by Sam Chin

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