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With more than 19 years of experience in computer systems and networks, IT and digtal. followed very closely the evolution of E-commerce and Digital in the world.

We passed with my team +10 years in e-commerce and e-business projects and more than 19 years of experience in IT and digital marketing and always we are  trying to find the best solution for people to do their business (services or products)  on internet.

We followed the evolution of E-commerce in the world since 2001, we have developed the first e-commerce portal for handicraft in Tunisia  selling 100% Tunisian handmade crafts accepting the credit cards.

I held many position in the past years  such as Senior IT Engineer , former IT Consultant FIS , IT manager , Expert and teacher in Digital & E-business at ESEN.TN (The Higher School for Digital Economy ) and also blogger ( Press , TV and Radio) 

All my life is  linear and living "classic" life until that I discover in 2015 that there is new E-country! , YES an Electronic country named E-ESTONIA and it became for me The door to business world and it will become for you too after following my course :

How I made to build my online business wherever and how you Will Do to discover this new e-world and build your online business and Make your dream according to your LIFESTYLE

Whatever if you are in Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, Asia or even on the planet Mars! You can open you international company and access to New E-WORLD! And all is from Internet , Remotely!

 We do not discover the world but we create it . Create your own E-World

I Am also founder member of EERICA EERICA: Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association 

E-Book author about e-estonia


DIGITAL NOMAD & E-Resident !


IT Engineering

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