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Mirka Pohjanrinne

Certified Copywriter, Language Specialist, PhD
Oulu, Finland

About Mirka Pohjanrinne

I'm Mirka Pohjanrinne, a professional copywriter with more than 20 years of experience in writing in its many-splendoured forms. As for copywriting, specifically, I’ve worked as an in-house copywriter for global companies like Nokia and Polar and have created copy for major brands like Reebok, and for many smaller companies too.

I've been through quite an exciting ride in working in fields as diverse as higher education, advertising systems, mobile phones and wearable sports devices. With this background, I've become closely acquainted with conversational wordsmithing and how to make products and brands speak in a voice that is not only professional and to-the-point, but also playful and fun.

Working with a variety of clients, stories and brands is what drives me the most. To find a place where I could bring all that together, my partner and I started NorthLing, our very own writing and translation agency, in May 2017. We offer copywriting, content creation and translation services primarily in English and Finnish.

I have a PhD in English Philology and a vocational degree in Audiovisual Communication (further qualification).


Copywriter, Co-Founder of NorthLing Writing and Translation Services


PhD in English Philology, Certified Copywriter, Vocational degree in Audiovisual Communication (further qualification)

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