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Michelle Charles

Personal Development Coach, Entrepreneur
Cologne, Germany

About Michelle Charles

My passion is to help people to develop their sense of self-awarness and self-trust in order to build the self-confidence that they want and need for living the life they desire. I love to teach by instruction and by example.

facebook: @michellecharlescoaching / instagram:@coachmichellecharles


I am an international Personal Development Coach and Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in adult education and training, human resources development, community development, self-empowerment and mindset mastery training. I have worked with corporate leadership, political leadership, community organizations and leaders, journalists, entrepreneurs, education professionals, and everyday citizens in community seeking to enact changes for a better life.


Internationally, academically trained and professionally qualified coach, consultant and educator in the areas of personal development, community development, organizational psychology, business english, public speaking and entrepreneurship. Areas of Study and Certification include: Speech Communications, Organizational Dynamics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Paradigm Shifting, The Law of Attraction, Teaching English as a Second Language.

Classes Instructed by Michelle Charles

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