Sally Taylor

Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

About Sally Taylor

Hello, I am Sally.  I have been drawing and sketching all of my life. 

A year or two ago I went into an art shop and bought my first set of Brusho paints - a box of 12. I tried them but didn't understand them so they went into the cupboard and were forgotten about. More recently they re-emerged and I decided to paint with them for every type of painting I did - portraits, landscapes, art challenges, you name it, I brusho'ed it! 

I now run workshops near where I live in North Herts, UK and I have created a few video style lessons too - so you can have a go with these amazing pots of crystal pigments... let's see what we can create together :)

Please do follow my blog, I am attempting to write more about the work I am involved in and the events I shall be exhibiting at; it’d be great to see you!

Below is my Instagram account, Do come across and follow:



BA (Hons) textile Design

Classes Instructed by Sally Taylor

16 minutes
16 minutes

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