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Eugene Brill

Amor Fati - Love your Fate
New Orleans, LA

About Eugene Brill

Hello, I'm Eugene.

A lifelong learner, passionate teacher, enthusiastic seeker of answers to the ‘Why’?, ‘Why not’? and ‘What if?’ questions. Oh yes, and a dive-in-and-do-it expert on start-ups, business strategy, Ecommerce and internet marketing.

An eCommerce veteran, with hands-on experience in the trenches, running web-stores for large corporations (including Berkshire Hathaway); I understand the ‘pain points’ online businesses have to overcome to make the cash register ring. Acquiring leads, improving conversions, list segmentation and customer reactivation. With a purposeful eye on relationship management, I help businesses and non-profits effectively engage with their followers.

In a nutshell: I mentor Marketing Executives and coach Marketing Teams and owns/operates several eCommerce websites.

I look forward to sharing and engaging with  you!


Business Strategy Advisor & Entrepreneur at

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