Nino Via

Fashion Design Consultant. Professional Instructor. Expert Coach.
Los Angeles, CA, USA

About Nino Via

~ A Fashion industry expert consulting and empowering design teams in cultivating strategic creative growth and launch string successful Brands.

~ Analyzing design principals, maintening optimum manufacturing practices and implementing social media use, leads to a Leading Brand. 

~ As a Consultant for SAMSUNG C&T America, Inc., the opportunity to introduce new Brands to Samsung's infinite available resources and thus elevate the Brand to global visibility, is priceless.

~ As former Curriculum Developent Coordinator of the Fashion Design program at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, LA) excellent leadership skills were essential in managing, supporting and increasing faculty efficiency — writing annual faculty reports and conducting personal reviews, inspired and optimized their performance.


Fashion Consultant @


F.I.T.- Fashion Institute of Technology.

Classes Instructed by Nino Via

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