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Duda Baldwin

Buddhist Life Coach | Mentor | Spiritual Teacher
Worldwide, Online

About Duda Baldwin

Life coach and a spiritual teacher, Duda Baldwin combines a modern, kick ass aproach to life issues with the ancient wisdom of Buddhism to help people understand and deal with their life problems.

Duda founded her popular online course “LIttle School of Buddhism” back in 2017 which runs every 3 months globally. The course is an affordable way to heal and is aimed at anyone looking for new, deeply wise ways to forgiveness, healing painful emotions, easen up anxiety or finding more self-acceptance and inner peace.

Duda holds a degree in Sociology, is a certified NLP coach, studies Tibetan Buddhism with the Tibetan Lamas and actively promotes the need for Buddhism and Meditation to become an integral part of not only our healing process but our everyday busy and modern lifestyles.

She lives in Australia with her beloved husband and is a stepmom to two adorable little boys. In her free time, she travels around the globe, spends time on a beach, camping or meditating in Bali, writes her upcoming books and is a passionate reader.


Little School of Buddhism


Double degree in Sociology and Croatian Culture, Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner, American Board of NLP, Certified TimeLine Therapy Practitioner, American Borad of Hypnotherapy Certified Hypnotherapist, American Borad of Hypnotherapy, Certificate in The foundation of the Buddhist Thought, FPMT, Certified Practitioner in Japanese Reiki, Shoden Level, Trainings: The power of awareness with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield MBSR with Centre for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts, Medical School Dream Intepretation with Jane Anderson Authentic Happiness with Braco Pobric

Classes Instructed by Duda Baldwin


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