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Life Coach, Author, TEDx speaker, YouTuber, Teacher passionate to help you Create the life you desire.
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Traveling the world was my dream and I'm achieving it. Now I can inspire people to achieve their dreams and goals and help them create the life they desire through Clarity, Confidence and Creating the next step.

From being SHY to becoming a 2xTEDx speaker.

From being in FEAR to traveling the world and living in many countries has built my Confidence.

From being a People pleaser to selecting my TRIBE and doing what I love.

Through my experiences abroad, I learned to turn every challenge into opportunities. Nothing in life comes easy, but it doesn't mean you can't get it!

I love learning as much as I love teaching, so ask me anything and I love to help YOU!


Life Coach, Author, Speaker, YouTuber @Rachel Smets


Bachelor in Psychology Master in Management A ton of life experience Living in 12+ countries world wide

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