Justin Hazel

Guitar Instructor
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

About Justin Hazel

Hi Everyone!

Do you love music as much as I do!? But....

Are you frustrated trying to learn how to play the guitar? The resources you've tried don't work? Feeling stuck and even outright discouraged? You begin learning guitar but don't finish what you started and then stop playing

My name is Justin Hazel and I help guitar players get "unstuck" in their journey so that they are able reach their goals for playing the guitar and finish what they started!

I am a professional guitar player and guitar instructor (teaching for 10 years) based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Starting out on piano at age 7, I learned to develop an appreciation for music early on, and continued to progress in my musical training on the instrument to the end of high school. Meanwhile, at age 12 I decided to take up playing guitar as well. It was the guitar that I eventually fell in love with most (although still very much enjoy the piano), and would eventually go on to get a Jazz Diploma at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

The genres I most enjoy playing are blues, rock, country, pop, acoustic, crooner jazz and singer/songwriter music, among many other sub genres. I have played in various groups over the years that incorporate these styles to some degree or another. Currently I play in a rock group with a Latin jazz and pop influence as well. I also have studied a lot of John Mayer's guitar work over the years (particularly the entire Where The Light Is live album) to develop a general overall playing ability on the acoustic and electric guitar.

I love helping my students discover the joy of playing the guitar and giving them methods that work so they achieve the results they desire. 

Let this class make you fall in love with music all over again :)

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


Guitar Instructor


Mount Royal University - Jazz Guitar Diploma

Classes Instructed by Justin Hazel

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