Hesam Samimi

Computer Science and Programming Teacher, Mobile App Developer

About Hesam Samimi

Hesam Samimi is a teacher of Computer Science and Programming, teaching online and at Secondary K-12 schools, since 2017.  He has been developing Computer Science and Technology education project-based learning curriculum and content for Secondary K-12 schools. He is also an Android and iOS mobile app developer and instructor.

For seven years during and after his Ph.D. studies at UCLA, he worked as a Programming Languages researcher, focusing on the application of Artificial Intelligence tools in Programming and Software Development.

Hesam is also a Yoga and Meditation teacher, and practices and teaches how to bring about mind-body-spirit balance and awareness at home and at work.


Computer Science Teacher Online and at Secondary K-12 Schools


Ph.D. Computer Science - Programming Languages

Classes Instructed by Hesam Samimi

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