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Gary Lloyd

Executive and Career Coach

About Gary Lloyd

For over ten years, I have been helping thirty-something professionals, like yourself, to find a job you love.

Before that, I specialised in running large IT-enabled change programs, primarily in the finance industry. And in that role, for more than 20 years, I had to hire a lot of people, at all levels of the organisations I worked in. Recruiting people was often a frustrating business. The people I needed, to help me get the results I wanted, often didn't make it through the formal recruitment process.

Then, just over ten years ago, I started mentoring thirty-something students and alumni for a leading UK business school. I subsequently joined their executive coaching panel.

And it turned out that the #1 topic for most of my clients was out that how to find a job they would truly love. Luckily, my long experience as a hiring manager enabled me to teach clients how to sidestep the traditional recruitment process and to persuade hiring managers to hire them, even when there was no job advertised.

It also turned out that the core advice that helped my clients was pretty much the same, no matter whether they were a junior manager or a high-flyer with their eyes on the C-suite.

So, rather than ask clients to pay top-rate for my time, just to listen to me, I started to put the information into videos, articles and exercises that they could watch, in bite-sized chunks, on the move, when they needed it. 

And incidentally, I still do some work as a consultant in the field of organisational change, alongside my career coaching and mentoring work. This gives you the benefit of advice from someone who is still involved in what is going on within organisations but whose main focus is helping talented professionals to find a job they love.



Executive and Career Coach; Change Leadership Consultant.


MBA with distinction from Warwick Business School

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