Markella Kaplani


About Markella Kaplani

Other than my role as a psychotherapist, I have extensive experience working with students of all grade levels in the context of facilitating them in reaching their learning potential.

My teaching philosophy involves using my degrees in clinical-counseling psychology in combination with my accumulated experience and certification in special education so as to design programs that will enhance students' academic self-esteem, motivation, and learning efficacy.

In the past, I have held a position in a private school where I coordinated and taught in its Learning Support Program, and thus possess the skills necessary to address the needs of children who may learn differently.

Currently, I aid students in attaining the study skills necessary to augment their academic performance and efficiency on an individual level. Simultaneously, I continue to practice counseling via Skype (worldwide!) and in my office in Athens, Greece.


Psychotherapist, Special Educator


M.A. Clinical-Counseling Psychology, PgCert. Special Education, B.Sc. Psychology

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