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Aurelien Millot

Entrepreneur, Holistic Life Coach

About Aurelien Millot

Hello there,

I'm Aurelien!

My life revolves around the same axis, with a common thread/word: EXCHANGE

NB: my motto is "The exchange of ideas is as indispensable to the people as the exchange of substances." Anatole France

1.       CEO of a fashion garment company of import/export in Shanghai of 12 people, MADE IN,

exchange : import/export - trade

2.       Co-creator of a holistic wellbeing center in Bali, SHAMBALI,

exchange : helping people to find themselves and to be happy in their daily life

3.       Professor for 5 different prestigious business & fashion schools in the world-MBA & Master degrees,

exchange : transmission

Classes Instructed by Aurelien Millot

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