Wendy Hartmann

500 hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Holistic Personal Trainer, Author
Eureka Springs, AR, USA

About Wendy Hartmann

Wendy Reese Hartmann is on a quest to help people stretch into their greatness. As a holistic personal trainer, 500 hour registered yoga teacher and mindful living mentor, she guides clients on a quest for strength, balance, flexibility and true power. She has been in the wellness field for 25 years and teaching yoga for 16 years. Wendy is also a author, speaker, host of The Whole Being Zone and Mindfulness Miracles podcasts. She is passionate about helping people live their yoga off the mat by infusing ancient wisdom with pragmatic woo-woo in applicable, fun, and slightly irreverent ways to optimize wholeness.  Wendy holds a BS in exercise science from Northern Arizona University and a MA in Applied Community Change and Conservation from Future Generations Graduate School. You can find her writing in Huffington Post, Yogadownload, Elephant Journal and on Amazon/Audible. Receive regular Wendy Wisdom (and inspiration) on Facebook (@WendyReeseHartmann) and Instagram  (@wholebeinginc)


Whole Being Inc


BS, Northern Arizona University MA, Future Generations Graduate School

Classes Instructed by Wendy Hartmann

14 minutes

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