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Richard Carter Phd

Innovative management educator/leadership development expert
Sydney, Australia and London, UK

About Richard Carter Phd

I'm a highly experienced (25+ years) management educator, leadership development expert and organisation psychologist with diverse experience as an executive, facilitator, coach, consultant and academic. Besides my work as a co-founder of Switch Education for Business, I teach leadership, management and corporate strategy online and F2F. In recognition of my extensive executive experience and PhD qualification, I've been designated a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK). Besides teaching, I conduct team and group facilitation. My approach to building novel and sustainable management education and leadership development programmes is strongly informed by social cognitive theory and its core principle of self-efficacy beliefs.


CEO Switch Education for Business


PhD, Macquarie University, Australia; MBA, University of Melbourne, Australia; BComm, University of Guelph, Canada

Classes Instructed by Richard Carter Phd

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