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Angus Fairbairn

ISSN Accredited Sports Nutritionist & Fat Loss Wizard
Western Australia

About Angus Fairbairn

Hey I'm Angus! Since 2011 I've been coaching men & women online to build their dream bodies without cardio, expensive supplements, or giving up burgers and chocolate! I live & breathe everything that I teach, and have used the strategies to overcome binge eating, lose 40+kgs, compete in 5 bodybuilding competitions, do 2 spartan races, and look the goods for 6 photo shoots. Sooo if you love food, hate dieting, and just want to learn how to get your sh*t sorted in the most enjoyable SUSTAINABLE means possible, then you'll LOVE my content.


Founder of Boss Fitness & Barbells and Burgers

Classes Instructed by Angus Fairbairn

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