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Scott Murden

I teach tools to find clarity, harmony, and awakening in your life, despite the adversity you face.
London, UK and Goa, India

About Scott Murden

Scott is a meditation based life coach and past life regression practitioner with over 10 years experience who is passionate about helping modern professionals that feel disconnected from what they do and who they really are to live their life from a place of clarity, harmony, connection and excitement.

Since 1996, Scott has developed a deep passion for healing, meditation and tantra based practices. His Life Navigation techniques have evolved out of third eye based meditation and tantra practices into a simple framework around awareness, authentic desire, and self-approval that allows clients to develop and transform their lives in a way that is natural, connected, and exciting.

He now spends his time practicing yoga, riding motorcycles, playing music and enjoying nature while living between Goa (India) with his patner, and London. He is also an ambassador of the Huni Kuin people from the Brazilian Amazon, learning and promoting their shamanic practices and culture.


Classes Instructed by Scott Murden

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