Veronica Winters

Fine Artist & Art Instructor
Naples, Florida

About Veronica Winters

Veronica Winters is a contemporary Russian-American artist who illuminates the beauty and power of the feminine spirit through her figurative paintings. Winters creates vivid portraits of women, transforming her private, inner world into complex visual stories. Symbolic and influenced by classical artistic traditions, Winters’ work serves as a tool—for herself and her viewers alike—to experience the healing potential of painting. She holds a B.F.A. degree in studio art from Oklahoma State University and an M.F.A. degree in painting from Penn State in 2005. Veronica also studied classical techniques at the Grand Central Academy of Art & the Art Students League of New York after her graduation.

The artist is nationally recognized for her colored pencil drawing with the publication of the art instruction book titled The Colored Pencil Manual by Dover Publications, NY. Veronica’s art has been published in numerous magazines and art books, including Strokes of Genius, Leisure Painter, Colored Pencil Magazine, the Guide Artists, and the International Artist Magazine. ­­­Living in Naples, Florida, the artist continues to pursue feelings in color by painting the interior life of women in portraiture.


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2005 MFA Penn State | 2003 BFA Oklahoma State University | 2001 BBA

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