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Developing finance skills for the public and non-profit sectors

About H B Publications & Training International

The main instructors are Jennifer Bean and Lascelles Hussey who are the founders and directors of HB Publications and Training International. They are Chartered Accountants and MBA graduates with over 30 years of training and consultancy experience. Their expertise is to take business principles and apply them to a public sector/ non-profit environment in an easy, user-friendly, and practical way. 

They have delivered training programmes in finance related topics to thousands of individuals working in the public and non profit sectors. They provide tailored training to meet specific organisational needs, as well as delivering open courses from their developed product range. Clients include public authorities, local government agencies, health organisations, educational institutions, universities, housing organisations, arts and community enterprises, etc. 

They have demonstrated their expertise and experience in the form of a series of management books entitled "Essential Skills for the Public Sector", titles include Managing the Devolved Budget, Finance for Non Financial Public Sector Managers, and Costing and Pricing Public Sector services. All are available on Amazon and at leading bookstores.

HB Publications and Training International has a mission to improve skills and competency in the public sector. The company has developed a number of online assessments which can be used to indicate training needs and measure continuous improvement. For more information visit our website



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Chartered Accountants and MBA Graduates

Classes Instructed by H B Publications & Training International

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