ReGina Nonemaker MA., RYT

Mindset Coach/Therapist

About ReGina Nonemaker MA., RYT

Mastering yourself!   Your Drive, Your Emotions, Your Thoughts, Your Environment!    

My mission is to remind you, "You have power over your life,"   by giving you clarity on how your subconscious effects everything in your life, and then how you can effect your subconscious!  

I was a therapist for 10 years and decided it was too small of an impact and way to restrictive. Not to mention, the change you want doesn't have to take years... or even months.  I pride myself in teaching people how to find their own answers, and build self-mastery in order to get the results you want in life. Once I quit my job (very scary FYI), I moved to Vietnam for a bit, started an online coaching business, and the results from my clients gave me so much confidence that I made the right decision by quitting the traditional safe gig & moving toward fear. 

Since leaving my comfort of safety, I started a business, became an international speaker, created courses, and hosted retreats/workshops.

Classes Instructed by ReGina Nonemaker MA., RYT

3+ hours

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