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Alykhan Gulamali

Number cruncher by day. Writer by night.
Ponte Vedra, FL

About Alykhan Gulamali

Hey, I’m Alykhan. My friends call me ALYG.

I’m a number cruncher by day, author and blogger by night. Trying not to suck at life and sharing what I learn.

My answers on topics ranging from health, fitness, and weight loss to personal finance, productivity, and self-improvement have been viewed over 500,000 times.

My writing has been featured on popular publications such as Art+Marketingand Hacker Noon.

And I’ve written and self-published three books:

  • Calorie Counting Made Easy teaches you everything you need to know about how to set a weight loss goal and use MyFitnessPal to lose weight counting calories in less than five minutes a day.
  • The Effort Matrix explains my multi-dimensional approach to productivity that centers on aligning your focus and efforts with your highest life priorities to maximize happiness.
  • Crypto Newbie Gains is my quick-start guide to getting started with cryptocurrencies. I’ve always been intrigued by finance and technology. Cryptocurrencies combine the two while also creating one of the most exciting money-making opportunities of our lifetime.

My ideas will resonate best with you if you’re like me: an introvert, math nerd, independent thinker, or any combination of these.


Analytics Consultant


University of Florida

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