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Jen Pillipow

Certified Positive Psychology Coach
Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Jen Pillipow

There are 3 types of problems: simple, complicated, and complex.
A simple problem is like baking a cake: you follow a recipe.
A complicated problem is one that can be broken down into simple problems - like building a house.
A complex problem is like raising kids: no two kiddos are the same and there’s no recipe for success.
Weight loss is a complex problem: no two people are identical, and the standard recipe of “diet & exercise” doesn’t work.
It’s not that diet and exercise are wrong: it’s just incomplete.
That’s what my program “Brain Boss” addresses: the missing link between diet and exercise - your brain, your thoughts, your beliefs, your mindset.
Addressing that missing link is what makes it possible to not only lose weight - but maintain it in a sustainable lifestyle.
No more gaining the same pounds over and over.
Finally checking “lose weight” off your to-do list, loving the way you eat, and loving your body too.
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Jennifer Pillipow Coaching


MBA, Certified Positive Psychology Coach

Classes Instructed by Jen Pillipow

45 minutes

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