Thomas Mathiassen

Master Baker.
London,United Kingdom.

About Thomas Mathiassen

I have always been crazy about bread since i was a kid, my earliest bread memory was when my mother would send me to the local bakery Langhoff's bakery in Silkeborg, Denmark to pick up a freshly baked bloomer, wrapped in a piece of paper.

My mother would cut some thick slices, of the bloomer a generous layer of butter and fresh strawberry jam, i was the happiest kid in the world, to me it was magic.

When i was around 11-12 years old, i would deliver newspapers on bike in the morning before i went to school, and at the end of my route i would knock on the backdoor to the local bakery, and have a chat with the baker, exchange a fresh newspaper with a fresh Danish pastry and one day he asked me if i wanted to come and work in the bakery, to help out a bit with the cleaning of the bakery.

I was so excited, that i would come in before school to help out, and again after school i was just sold and i knew that i wanted to be a baker for the rest of my life.

Now 30+ years later i still find the joy of baking, of course the long hours and early mornings are getting tougher and tougher, but the passion is the same.

The aim of my courses is simply to get you hooked on baking, i am not going to dive deep into the chemistry of bread making, analyse the properties of different flours, list a lot of fancy equipment or confuse you with complex techniques.

Baking doesn't need to be daunting or mysterious and you don't have to be a born baker, baking is for everyone and what can be done with some flour, yeast, water and a bit of salt, is amazing.


Founder, Owner At Charles Good Food & Online Baking Academy.


Baker & Pastry Chef.

Classes Instructed by Thomas Mathiassen

17 minutes
26 minutes

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