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Tammy Adams

Host of the Local Small Business Coach Podcast

About Tammy Adams

When I left big-box retailing after 25 years to become a local small business owner myself back in 2008, I joined a great group of folks like yourself. The more I interacted with my fellow local small business owners, the more I realize how lucky I was to have had the years of training and leadership I have prior to making the leap. As a store manager, district manager, divisional trainer and a host of other roles, I had the tools I needed to hit the ground running.

Unfortunately, most of my fellow small business owners didn't have the opportunities. So, I have made it my mission to help as many folks as I can.

My #1 mission is to help as many Badass Business Owners make a 6 figure income! 

I believe in my heart that every local business owner who makes it their mission to be the CEO of their business, can earn over $100,000 or more in income by just learning what it takes to know their business numbers, become the leader of their business & team (if they have one), and by providing a service that solves the pain points their community faces. 

Each week on the Local Small Business Coach Podcast we dive into the secrets/nuggets/tips that help you become that badass business owner! 


Host of the Local Small Business Coach Podcast & Fellow Badass Business Owner

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